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Summary Easy VS-C++ configuration and build in Trolltech Qt 4 framework
Category construction
License X/MIT License
Owner(s) aurelienrb

This is the Tigris home page of the CuteBuilder project.

CuteBuilder is an Open Source software making it easier to configure and to compile the Qt 4 development framework from Trolltech® with Microsoft Visual C++ (2005 or 2008). CuteBuilder is completely free and is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. Check www.cutebuilder.net for more information.


For now, the main goal of CuteBuilder is still to make it easier to build the Qt framework. But some heavy refactoring is being done to prepare the next stage, which is being able to build almost any project based on the qmake build system (which is part of Qt). So CuteBuilder aims to become a graphical front-end to qmake!

Another area of interest is to use CuteBuilder as a tool to automate the build of projects based on qmake in a distributed environment. The main idea is to generate a build log that is automatically posted to a CDash board (a web-based, distributed software quality system). It could also be extended to support self-testing via the QtTest module, in order to progress in the way of a continuous integration tool based on top of qmake...